Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Silly Sally

I just finished watching this great series called "Being Human" about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost named Sally all living in a house. It is fantastic, you should watch it. Not at all like anything I've seen about the usual suspects. I was a bit disturbed by the ghost Sally, she is mad at first because she is dead and stuff, and her name is freaking Sally the Ghost. The truth is, I know everyone thinks it is just a funny story that my children seem to see the undead and I have always believed that they are just so damn smart that they had to invent other people to talk to that would understand them. But I've had it with the ghost stories in my house. Rand has been going back and forth to Texas until we move and I hate being in my room alone. It seems to be the "hotspot" of activity. And I swear if my sister offers to see if a girl named Sally died on one of the old farms nearby, she will be the next ghost!

 The truth is that it seems all my kids are a bit haunted, although they seem a lot less disturbed by it. Maura still speaks kindly of her friend Sally and said "Isn't she the one that was adopted?" Yes, she was in fact adopted by another "invisible" couple because I didn't accept her into my home. For weeks after I had to send Sally money and fake money wouldn't do. I actually put money in an envelope and addressed it to "invisible Sally" I was forbidden to use fake money (or the word imaginary), which makes no sense to me at all. What is an invisible girl going to do with real money? (Buy clothes and stuff mommy!) I always had to run out before the mailman got there and get my money back. Maura only remembers the good times with Sally and the owl that lived in our living room. All I remember is the day Maura told me that Sally told her something that made her scared and she was crying for hours before she would tell me. Finally she said that Sally had promised Maura that "she wouldn't live to have many birthdays or get very old." And Maura believed her friend Sally. So that is when I kicked her out the first time. Now Max is seeing dark guys in his room and Collin is constantly "hearing something." Crap, as soon as I typed that, I heard something downstairs. The first thing Max says when he wakes up is if the dark guys have been to see him. At first he said they scared him, but now he says they don't. Collin and I are the only ones afraid and I can't tell him that I'm afraid, I'm the mom in this story! My doctor said that it is normal with imaginative kids, but is it normal to push an empty swing, pull an empty bike, celebrate the birthday of an imaginary...sorry, I mean invisible friend? The doctor said if kids don't watch a lot of TV, they make up their own stories, that is why there aren't as many kids with Sallys around. But my kids watch tons of TV! I've encouraged it. After Sally left we briefly had another friend named Brooklyn. She was boring though and didn't make the clock turns or tell my daughter she would soon die. I just hope Max's friends go away soon. Is 3 just the magical year when kids see ghosts? Isn't 3:00 the witching hour? Okay, freaking myself out now. I don't believe in this crap. Even if there is no way to explain why Maura to this day still describes Sally exactly as she did when she was 3 and 4. And exactly the way she drew her, in a long white nightgown. Sally, please stay in this house, please. Unless we rent it, cause I need tenants. But if we sell, please feel free to move in to the Master bedroom. My peace offering to you. And to the dark guys if they are with you. Ya, I'm talking to a ghost. I haven't had a job for a few months and it has freed up room in my head, okay?

Goodnight. Sleep tight. Silly Sally won't bite.

FYI, I am going to delete this picture real soon, I could barely paste it without cringing.


dana liston said...

ok first your story scared me while I was reading it at 5:30am alone in my kitchen...second you guys are moving?! What are the details? I know we don't see you very much but it will be sad for you to move to Texas!

Team O'Connor said...

I am scared for you. I don't think I could handle it. I hope your Texas home isn't haunted. That kind of stuff scares me so bad. I NEVER watch scary movies because I'm still tortured from watching Pet Cemetery in third grade. If I watched a horror film now I'd probably never be able to recover. I'm excited for you to move to Texas. I'll be in San Antonio in July. Where will you be?

Rachel said...

Yep, Dana we are moving to Northern Fort Worth. Rand is there now looking for a place for us to live.

Carrie, come with me! Also, I watched Pet Cemetery at a friend's house when I was like 11 and her parents were never home. I am still afraid of it. I still see that guys foot being cut by the evil little boy. You can go ahead and watch The Cabin in THe Woods, it is ridiculous and not at all scary.

Melanie said...

I have a close friend who is highly "sensitive" to the other side and she says there are spirits around all the time. But she also says that she has never seen or sensed one that had it out for anyone. That mostly, they just live among us. I think that some people are more sensitive to that than others. But it scares the crap out of me too, so I'm not going to talk about it any more.

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