Monday, June 16, 2008

Maura's Birthday Extravaganza

So...I went a little overboard with the Birthday activities. It was one thing after another this year. I guess you only turn 5 once so I gave in to everything Maura wanted to do this year. She requested a "Rock" themed birthday so she had to wear a guitar shirt, have a guitar cake, and she handed out her own "Monster Mix" CD to everyone that came to her party (along with inflatable microphones to sing along). While she was picking out songs for the CD, I almost shed a tear when she said she "had to have Purple Haze" on it. I am so proud. Anyway, here is a list of the festivities in order:

Breakfast in Bed (but she let Collin join in)

The Aquarium

Family BBQ

The awesome cake I made

At Thanksgiving Point with her friends

I think I just kept the activities going so I wouldn't stop to think about how my baby is 5 years old. How is it possible? It has not been five years!

How did she go from this:
To this?
Anyway, I love you Maura! Just stop growing already!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sally's New Home

Some of you have asked for an update on Sally, so I will give it to you. Although, it seems that my own REAL children aren't as exciting as Sally. This hurts a little. But anyway, here is the latest on our resident invisible friend. Turns out I was not a good enough mother to Sally, so she went out to look for a new one. She found one and she was recently adopted. Her mother is also invisible, so it is probably a better fit anyway. It was hard for me to be there for Sally when I couldn't even see her. It created some tension in our relationship. But her new mother seems quite nice and so Sally moved out last week. Maura says she is doing well. I know what you are thinking...that this means no more Sally. But Sally always seems to find her way back into our life. Tragedy follows that girl wherever she goes, and I can almost promise that she will be back and she will have some more traumatizing events to deal with. The Sally saga continues...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Maura, the Karate Kid

So May was a big month for Maura. She graduated from preschool and then this past weekend she received her yellow belt in Karate. I have to admit, I was against the whole karate thing at first. I was afraid it would crush Maura's creativity with all the "Yes Sir" and "Attention!" But she loves it and is doing so well, so I guess I'm on board now. And her creativity seems to be well intact. Congrats Maura!

Maura with her preschool teacher, Miss Jeanna

Maura with her Karate class