Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm free...but not in a good way

So, nothing new here to report...just that I am unemployed (not by choice, by layoff) and sort of freaking out. I have never been without job. Even when I quit my job when Maura was born I got a contracting gig 2 months later. I'm sort of lost at the moment and not sure what to do. I have three kids to take care of, but they are so used to me being at work they just sort of do their own thing. I haven't gone into depression mode yet, but I feel it looming. We will be okay for a few months, but then we will be selling our house and then I skip depression mode and go straight to rocking back and forth and muttering to myself stage.

It is strange when you have worked for a company as long as I have. It has been 7 years plus some and you get so used to an environment and then...BAM! See ya later. I felt like I got broken up when I wasn't quite ready to. But they had someone else break up with me for them. But I also don't want to beg them to take me back either. I didn't act very lady like, and I didn't take it very well. In retrospect, maybe I should have just said "OK" and packed stuff up. But that isn't really my style. I didn't go postal or anything, just lots and lots of anger...directed at the wrong people. But I'm okay now and am planning a list of things I will get done until I (hopefully soon) get a job. I hope I don't get done with all of them. It is a long list and I need a job. My kids like to eat, I have health problems and need insurance.

I am figuring that by boss/bosses are reading this. They have mentioned things to me that I have only said on my blog. That's okay, it is an open blog, no crime there. Maybe just creepy, but whatever. I don't really have anything to say to them/they he/she, etc. Okay, that is a lie, I have lots of things in my head, but it wouldn't do any good and for now I am focusing on moving forward and trying to find that teeny tiny optimist in me. I hope it didn't give up and go away. I haven't used it for a long time.

So that is all for now. Oh, and my baby girl turns 8 tomorrow! I was worried about whether I would be able to take a day off for it...but I guess I don't have to worry about that anymore! Pics of her awesome party to come...

So give me a call...let's hang out. Unless you are my boss/bosses, then please don't. But anyone else, I need something to do! I'm already worried about this week and I have only had one day of unemployment so far.