Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random Rachel Rants

I've been a little stressed lately and I was trying to think of a way to alleviate it. So...what makes me happy? Ranting and...lists, of course. So here you go.
1. I recently went to the Legacy center to swim with the fam. I've said it before and I will say it again...women, seriously? a. Don't make it easier for the pedophiles to single out your daughter. Cover her up! b. It is all about strategic coverage when you have "problem areas". Just because you are really thin and in theory should look good in a tiny bikini, doesn't mean you do. I cover my stretch marks, please return the favor. c. biking shorts do not a swimsuit bottom make.
2. I have this pet peeve about actors being way too old for the characters they play. There is one show that is a major offender of this: Glee. The two main male characters are 28 years old! That is only 5 years younger than the guy who plays their teacher. The average age of the "highschool kids" in Glee is 26 (yes I looked it up). I can suspend reality enough to believe that a group of teenagers break into song for no apparent reason and have perfect choreography without practicing, but I draw the line at a 28 year olds playing someone who is 16.
3. If you don't like people, don't be a nurse. If you decide to be a nurse anyway, and you treat my mom like crap, I will get in your face beeyatch.
4. Don't ask me how I am doing if you are expecting to hear "fine" every time. Sometimes I'm not fine, and I say so and you stare at me like I'm from another planet. I don't understand. You asked me a question and I told you the what is the problem here? Just don't ask me if you don't want to know. Problem solved.
5. Toppers. I get it, you have done everything I have, only better. You know everything I know, only more. Worse than a topper? An interuptopper. You insert yourself into a conversation you are (purposefully) left out of only to top me. It is beyond annoying. Insulting people isn't the best way to win friends.
6. My memory has been really bad lately and it is driving me crazy. I forget everything. It isn't bad enough to think it is a medical problem or anything, just bad enough to drive me crazy. So I bought this book on techniques to help your memory. It is a really good book, but it starts off with lots of stories about people and memory in general. Then it goes on to teach you ways to improve your memory. I thought it was really good. Then I forgot all of it. Maybe start with the teaching me to remember things, then go into the stories.
Thanks. I feel better.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Best By Date: Last Week

Over the past few months I've learned something I watched my mom go through more times than I can count. People running out of sympathy for you.
I hurt my back a few months ago, on top of an old gymnastics injury that had been causing me problems and woke up one day with excruciating pain. After 3 weeks, it didn't let up and I had an MRI and went to a specialist. I am going in today for a somewhat new treatment to have the nerves in my lower back burnt off so they don't send pain signals anymore. I'm terrified but excited at the prospect of not having pain. At first people were very sympathetic, they told me about loved ones they watched go through back pain, how horrible it is, etc. Then after a few weeks, less and less people seem to believe you are actually in pain. Some even questioned "Well how would THAT cause so much pain?" Oh, you're right, you know better than me how I feel, thanks for sharing! It seems their mentality is "You look fine, you are at work, you have makeup on and don't look like you are what is the problem?" You get to the point where people ask you how you are and you want to say "like someone is stabbing my back over and over again every second of every day, thanks for asking." But you say "Fine,thanks." Because deep down, you know they don't get it, they will think you are being dramatic. I have had this conversation with my mom and dad often, as my mom has dealt with chronic pain for decades. I tried to understand and I never doubted her pain, but it really was hard to understand, so I do and don't blame "these people." Okay, that is a lie, I do blame them. Some of them, anyway. I know my pain isn't even close to what people can experience and I have a new found respect for anyone dealing with pain and illnesses every day. So why do we run out of sympathy? Why is there an expiration date on how long we can empathize with someone? Maybe we don't want to admit that deep down we want to say "Just push through the pain, go on with things." Easier said than done. So I'm praying that this extremely painful procedure will lessen these past extremely painful months. And if you see someone who "seems fine" don't underestimate what they can be going through.
Now can someone help me down? This soapbox is super high, and my back hurts. Thanks.